Makeup Brushes Cleaning : Review Palmat


Today we want to tell you about a product that we had the opportunity to test, a very practical accessory that we are sure will be extremely useful.

We are talking about Palmat, a handy tool for cleaning brushes for make-up, created and patented by Practk, a company founded by the most prominent leader for the care of brushes, Sigma Beauty, whose founders, Simon Xavier and Rene Xavier Filho they have made a market such as the care of brushes, a real business of the contemporary age.

Let us turn now to the review of this silicone “glove“, economical and durable, consisting of two round the surface of which is machined with different pattern to best clean for all types of brushes, from the largest to smallest.



Another feature relates to the size; In fact, the glove that covers the hand throughout the palm and back, is small and easily transportable inside our makeup pouch.






It’s adaptable, thanks to two buttons, in all sizes: I also I have my hands very thin I could use it comfortably. As already anticipated, the Palmat is made entirely of silicone and has a soft and comfortable texture; in the rear part it is provided with small suction cups (for nothing annoying to the touch) that allow to place to the sink or to any other support, in the case where we did not want to wear it.



In short, the Prackt has thought of everything to create a practical accessory, essential design and very useful, and above all has created a product that works. Indeed, we have tested the Palmat to assess their effectiveness, and we can say that he has passed the test with flying colors.
I took all of our brushes, even the most “elderly“, no longer used for years and therefore not cleaned by the same time, it took a few minutes to wash them all, and after noting that they were very dry, we have also been able to verify their ‘ effective cleaning; in particular, our elder and small kabuki now has bristles as new, definitely ready for its second life.





Ultimately, we recommend it because it is:
• Really effective;
• Versatile;
• Easily transportable;
• Cheap.

For us it is a yes decision, and for you?
Try it and let us know your commenting below ^. ^



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