Kendall Jenner left Instagram

Yes, it seems to have quite a stir made the news concerning it girl and supermodels of the Kardashian-Jenner family : last Monday, in fact, all the loyal fans of Kendall, were left without any news, posts or photos published on the social of the moment . The reason? Kendall took out his Instagram account.

Via panic, fans increasingly confused and worried they sought solace on TV and in the news. Yes, he also treated the CNN phenomenon.

Allow me a personal comment: Mah!

However, Kendall has felt compelled to explain the reasons for her action – apparently insane for certain – much to find it again, a few days later, host Ellen Degeneres.

Dear fans, breathe a sigh of relief: the Jenner is alive, is well and super fashion as always. She just explained that she felt the need to “detox”, to take a break from socials that was making she “dependent”.

But to tell the truth, we prefer to show a brief abstract of the interview with Ellen.

Video Source “The Sun”

Both of them conclude the argument also giving advice to all, that I borrow and I fully agree: take a break, break away from your phone and restore human contact again!

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