Holiday Wishlist : Casual Look for Christmas

As the title suggests, today I focused on one look very casual with items and accessories what I’d like to have. The article yesterday was focused on the pink and as I thought could be interesting create a sort of chain in creating these Christmas collages, in this article I submitted again two rose items.

Show you all immediately a picture and the his description ^.^


Start right away with an item which, in my opinion, makes every look, casual: the Jeans skinny, classic light blue, is the Evergreen par excellence to which I match a Sweater mahogany in cotton, with soft, smooth cutting, leaves uncovered shoulder. For these cold days, and to recall the look of yesterday, I added a IRO Jacket in pale pink leather, with a slim fit silhouette and a multitude of hinges.

Among the accessories propose a pink knit Scarf , which ensures our neck from the cold this season, a Backpack “Campus” by Pink, comfortable, sporty and with many pockets – even the cushioned accommodation for your laptop -; with regard to Shoes, I chose a pair of Vans Sneakers in suede and mahogany typical durable rubber sole.

Earrings complete the look, funny look with Pom Pom, to give a touch of playfulness to the whole outfit.

What do you think? Do you also have the Holiday Wishlist?

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Cover Fashion Illustration – Cécile Mancion



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