5 Suggestions for Valentine

I don’t know if you’re going to wake up, like me, with a thought: Valentine’s Day!

Already u.u … this event is around the corner and in many will be wondering how to dress for the fateful day of lovers, because

“All we want to impress our partner”

What to wear, then?

At 5 days of the “Day” we thought to present as many proposals in a real countdown marked by 5 outfits!

Every day, in fact, we will update the article with a proposal more depending on the kind of “Romantic Date” you participate:

Date n.1: Aperitif for two
It is proposed the aperitif to start celebrating this day with a few hours in advance, and then maybe go to an evening in his house (!?), complete with candles and a beautifully set table – who will have helped to do it? Do not think about it … -.-

Actually it’s a situation that presents some difficulty because we have to think of an aperitif look that goes well for a romantic evening at home.
My advice is practical and glamorous, so the words that I have chosen for this Outfit are: Casual and Chic or in a word Jumpsuit.

Choose it a dark color suited to the evening, perhaps combining accessories that can adapt to the aperitif, just as we thought we.

What do you think of this proposal?

Date n.2: C&D – Cinema and Dinner
You know, always go hand in hand, and also a nice pants combined with a blouse are perfect for this kind of Date.

Given that during the evening you’ll be mostly seated, our advice is to put on the most beautiful shoes – often prohibitive – worn only on very rare occasions. What better than this ?!

Therefore, keep in mind: Minimal but Impact.

p.s. Yes, the shoes and the clutch coupled outfit are Christian Louboutin u.u


Date n.3: Disco
It is not in the evenings which I personally prefer, but who is a lover of disco maybe end up spending even there on Valentine’s Day. Shortly intimate, of course, but fun.

So enjoy the ride to music with Skirt and Top.
Who is a get used knows that some lightness and sparkle create a perfect match.



Date n.4 : ???
No. It is not a mistake! There is also this kind of date: Interrogative, the BOH evening!
In fact, she often receives invitation with “surprise“, without having the slightest idea, therefore, neither of where you will go, nor of what it will do – some are wondering if even the “who” will be a surprise! XD -.

In short, we women often enter into crisis, not knowing what to wear on such occasions.
If you are looking for some good advice, we are here to help you avoid mistakes and to feel secure in dealing with an evening to discover!

Your he is “mysterious“? You should also opt for a look Mystery. Wear a chic dress maybe black and tulle, a daring stiletto, some accessories – avoid pearls and jewelry Hippie style – and you will see that the evening will be a success!

Little tips : to make the most the sense of the Mystery, we recommend wearing a cape coat 😉


Date n.5 : Dinnerfor two in a nice little place
The classic among classics, dream of any woman!

For this kind of meeting there are no particular difficulties, nor doubts and/or concerns, so you can give the best of you.

You already have all the information needed to stop you making mistakes – already know the where, the when and the how, the more it is pretty much done -.

Elegance is the key word and we also add Simplicity, ideal companion if you aspire to get the best results.

Here is our latest proposal


Any type of meeting you will live, we of Itago wish to spend it quietly and with much Love!

If the item you liked it or share it in social comment;)

Happy Valentine Fashionistas!


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