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Password? Eyelet.

We talk about it today and, of course, we have made this inspiration a #Outfit. Indeed, it is a tendency that, especially in summer, re-emerges from designer closet.

We interpreted that as well




A mini sleeveless dress by Self-Portrait, a Carven Suede Round Handbag and Max & Co Golden Leather Sandals. For the accessories we chose a pair of green Gucci sunglasses, a pink-gold watch with white dial by Picto and a pair of leaf-shaped pendants.
The result is very simple, almost monochromatic, if not for the touch of green and the gold of accessories that give light to the all set.

As already announced, almost every element that makes up this look has the eyelet feature: in the gown we find several on the shoulders, or on the shoe mount from where the strap slides, and finally, as a detail, we find it on the bag .

The dress, in particular, we saw Kate Bosworth wear it last November. The celebrity opted for a light trick that emphasizes her natural beauty by picking her hair in a timeless elegance chignon.


Un post condiviso da Kate Bosworth (@katebosworth) in data:


Un post condiviso da Kate Bosworth (@katebosworth) in data:




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