About Us

The Caterpillar is within each of us and in front of someone new, makes us ask: “ What to be youuu ?? “, with a lot of smoke in our eyes, but in this case is not at all a bluff, but a chrysalis will become a beautiful butterfly!

So I come to you all, but … We introduce to all of you!

Itago , alias of I Tag Outfits, it’s a blog that was founded on the desire to “tag” garments and accessories, shoes and jewelry, hair and makeup, to offer inspiration to anyone who needs an advise!

Itago is growing day by day, fueled by the desire to become, why not !? benchmark for hardcore fashion victims.

The blog is still in progress, but we hope you’ll find in our tips useful articles for every occasion and style. We don’t like stereotypes, for this reason our proposals deviate from the common trends.

Our philosophy is “Simple and with Taste”, to dare is fine but never risk becoming caricatures of ourselves.

Don’t care if you are thin or curvy, apple or hourglass, high or low, blondes or brunettes, and so on … In short, each of us has the right to express herself through this dream tool that is fashion, highlighting its strengths and camouflaging those imperfections that make us both human, always reminding us that the human is beautiful!

Let’s move on, instead, to present the author of the articles: Miranda Pose, an alias behind which lie two young sisters, completely different from each other but fashion addicted to the core.

Ah! Why Miranda Pose? Easy! Miranda is a quote from “ The Devil Wears Prada ” (Miranda Priestley the fashion guru who is rumored to be alter ego, in its once, the legendary but real Anna Wintour).

Who has not seen it, out of this blog! Joke, stay well ^. ^.

Pose derived from the English verb “to pose” the most similar term and distinctive fashion.